Write a Review Receive Your Item For FREE



Write a Review Receive Your Item For FREE


Steps to follow to receive your FREE ITEM.

1. Purchase ANY item from this website at Full Price (can not use any discount codes).

2. Once Item is received - Come back and share an HONEST Review.

3. Post Your Review on at least ONE of your social media sites with a link back to Web-store ( ).

4. Send LINK to Your Social Media Post to Us through Contact Page at:

5. Once your social media review is verified - You will receive a 100% FULL REFUND of the product you reviewed*. LIMIT ONE REFUND PER CUSTOMER, PER ADDRESS, IN A 6 MONTH PERIOD.

6. Share Discount Code RCA-15Percent with your followers and they will receive 15% OFF their ENTIRE PURCHASE.

*Maximum Refund Amount per Customer within a 6 Month Period is $50.00